How to make a business page on instagram

Having a business page is professional and also is recommended when starting any hobby or business to give you the professional look you want to have for you business or brand. Instagram makes it super easy and user friendly to turn your personal page into a business page or making one from scratch. Having an Instagram business account can be also connected to your Facebook account, this will also give you another great opportunity for marketing your ads for your brand and more. Let’s try to do these steps together to make your personal page a business page.

The steps below is how you will convert your personal page into a business page.

How to Switch from Instagram Business Profile to a Personal Account
    1. Login to your Instagram account and go into settings.
    1. In the “Business Settings” section, tap “Switch Back to Personal Account”.
  1. Instagram will give you a prompt to make sure you want to switch to a personal account. Tap “Switch Back” to confirm.

your business page you will also have options to choose to have your brand as for an example a blog, entrepreneur or shopping and retail, there are several options to choose from to find the industry you’re in to match your business page.

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