Create a social media marketing plan

when it comes to social media you want to make sure that you don’t get overwhelmed with posting at inconsistent timing. I have done some research and testing this amazing app that I think is cool to share with my fellow small business owners and freelance bloggers. Social media is a great place to find paying customers who will buy your products and services. The internet is where all eCommerce rely on to get engagement and showcase their products and services to everyone around the world. We all have been there wanting to know how to be smart with our social media with gaining engagement with the right platforms, learning how to follow a schedule to post when your followers online, but doing it manually and trying to find the right hashtags to study can be tedious and time consuming.

This is not a popularity contest when it comes to having a FULL-TIME/PART-TIME brand or business. There are plenty of social media accounts that have thousands of followers but aren’t making any money from it. DON’T FALL IN THE TRAP OF TRYING TO BE POPULAR WITH NO RESULTS OR INVESTING INTO INFLUENCE’S THAT’S NOT WITHIN YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE.

you must know your peak times and have great quality content that shares a message about your product or services when it comes to Instagram, studies has shown by top social media bloggers that knowing the best time to actually post and having an auto scheduler to have to help manage your social media accounts can help save time and money and help as well with engaging with your current followers.

okay so let’s get to the fun part, creating a marketing plan for your social media account that is for your brand is a huge benefit in the social media marketing world. You don’t want to miss out on opportunity for not knowing how to manage your account or not gaining any revenue with your social media account. Below are a few questions to ask yourself to help you know your target audience and which platform works for you.

To create a social media marketing strategy you need to answer these questions:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What are their specific needs when it comes to having quality products? And how does your product or service solve their problems?
  • What type of content can you create to help attract the clients/customers that is looking for your content (and that is related to what you are selling)?
  • Which social media platforms is your target audience hanging out on that is best for your brand.

Knowing these answers to these questions will help you learn who is you target audience is, which social media platform works best for your brand only. Social media marketing specialist uses these strategies to help solve your social media problems quicker. The app I recommend to use for accurate auto posting at your highest engagement time is Tailwind APP . I have used this app for almost 3 months and my engagement and followers have grew significantly. With “Tailwind” it helps with optimizing every post at your most engaging time for your Instagram and Pinterest. Tailwind also great for using effective engagement hashtags to help your brand grow. The hashtag finder is a great little tool that finds hashtags that are relevant to previous hashtags you have used or ones that you just typed into the captions. The hashtag finder makes it easy to quickly pick the right hashtags for your account by color coding each hashtag to show its competitiveness. Having a schedule with your social media will make organization and life a little easier when it comes to running your brand on social media.

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