Top 5 supplies you need to have for your boutique

Happy July everyone! I want to share some exciting tips on a few best startup supplies to have when launching your boutique and to always keep fully stocked on! As from experience I started my boutique in 2011 however when I started selling and making custom phone cases for android devices, I didn’t know anything about packaging 101. I always used USPS plain white labels but I never thought to customize my own labeling to look professional and presentation until 2015 when I established my others brands and took a couple of marketing business courses and learned more about re-branding and having a presentation for your brand. It was amazing on how much I learned! I immediately took what I learned and used it for my businesses. So I want to share on 5 major tips on being prepared always for you boutique.

1. Business cards & Flyers

Business cards are the main source to have your customers and potential clients to contact you. It’s best to always share your business cards with everyone and also send them to your customers/clients, flyers are also good ways to share email sign ups to help gain more engagement with your target audience sending flyers with your order also another option to add deals and discount code for your customers to have access too for appreciation! Trust me good customer service goes a long way and appreciated. Recommended website for affordable business cards and business necessities:

2. Poly mailers/custom printed mailers

Packaging is very important to have for your boutique it represents brand recognition which create the style and concept of your business tagline,products and services to be identified correctly to your customers & it also differentiate your brand from others which is great to have for your brand to stand out from your competitors. What I love about customizing packing you can pick and choose cool styles and colors without breaking the bank by ordering poly customize mailers on Amazon, Packlane, papermart. You can even use your logo as well to customize your packaging on

3. Postal service shipping scale

A postal service shipping scale is always needed for shipping your packages. With a postal scale you’re able to weigh your packages accurately, this will save you time and money of trips to the post office or to another shipping provider you use.

4. Shipping Label Printer

Save your coins and be budget friendly with your brand. As a boutique owner myself I use Rollo, even though it’s also good to have a printer for backup purposes, having a label printer saves you time when packaging your customers items. You don’t have to worry about ink (which can get really expensive), printer paper, using scissors or tape. You want to spend most of your time doing things that matter to the bottom line of you business so it’s important to have the right tools that will make preparing packages a super quick process

Purchase you a shipping label and save with amazon prime: RELLO LABLE PRINTER OR PURCHASE ONE THROUGH USPS WEBSITE

5. Daily and monthly planner

If you want to be successful with your boutique having a planner is the source of your business. Planning and writing is perfect to start doing daily with your goals and business. Keeping track of your goal and to do list is the the key to organization it will give you more confidence that you’re achieving your goals one step at a time. You can never go wrong with a planner. Order economy friendly and custom planners from Amazon, Etsy.

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