Hey everyone! I am back with another blog! I want to share some things I have been wanting to share for a while…. I also want to again thanks everyone for still supporting my blogs, this means a lot to me that I am helping each person goals and inspiring them as well :).. I love to write, writing is an amazing outlet, I love that I have the skills to create content to help. But I don’t want to keep ranting. let’s jump into the new topic of the week!

Have you ever caught yourself scrolling on your news-feed timeline for example Facebook or Instagram maybe twitter and all you see “start your own business included with vendor list” learn how to start a boutique? now this is no shade to anyone, I am speaking my opinion.. but I have did research.. And I wanted to know as a business owner myself, Why is everyone selling vendors list for low pricing? having quality vendors will keep your boutiques or any clothing store if you’re not doing custom clothing, unique and trendy and a lot of boutiques DO NOT WANT TO HAVE THE SAME VENDORS as other boutiques. But it is possible to just include quality over quantity. As you notice there are so many Instagram boutiques that has now surface the social media platform and everyone pretty much have the same clothes that is from one popular vendor SJK FASHION which is based in L.A. I did some digging.. and it puzzled me how some vendor list can be so cheap but literally have on the list all ALI EXPRESS VENDORS which is okay for beginner 101 drop ship and if you want to go through thousands of vendors of testing clothing that is overseas and the ship time is longer than a month at times but honestly starting a fashion boutique I DO NOT RECOMMEND ALI EXPRESS. Anyways I purchased a vendors list,and it came to me as a influential thought that I am so happy I actually took the time to write my first E-book and actually put in work to share my story.. To help other entrepreneurs and inspiring boutique owners out to successfully launch fresh with a piece of mind with a trusted E-book to guide them through a successful beginner friendly entrepreneur journey as a boutique owner. When purchasing vendor list it’s like a HIT OR MISS especially if the person DOES NOT HAVE A BUSINESS or have proof of receipts of sales, vendors, licensing or store in general. You have to also build networking skills to communicate with suppliers, test the quality of clothing and more to gain a partnership with any vendor. What if I tell you that with a vendor list you should never have to purchase. I was taught old school to research and research and buy books to enhance your knowledge, reading is powerful. Reading can solve a lot of beginner questions if you take the time to read more business books to help fulfill the gaps you can’t get from a person that is within the business industry or Google, there are ton’s of start up books by self publishing author like myself and other amazing authors on Amazon and other book platforms. I hope that everyone can understand that before purchasing the vendor list please DO NOT GET Hustled! Do your research, take the time to test quality clothing vendors and other product vendors by doing small sample order than purchasing bulk order, This will save you time and money on your brand.

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See everyone in my next blog post

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