THE WINNING/ Defeated Challenges I witnessed being an entrepreneur

I want to start my blog off with a different topic, I know this can be tricky with having a business blog but being open with my audience is important to me of being the face of my brand. So let’s take a leap of faith 🙂 I am so happy to share that my E-Book is really live and official on Amazon and Barnes & Nobel’s I can’t believe I am now an author, It feel so refreshed and rebirth of a TRUE ENTREPRENEUR I am destined to be, I came across last week listening to my favorite spiritual podcast By “Joel Osteen” and he stated an amazing statement to really have a deep thought session with yourself and your mind of being in the present and really believing and feeling your’re winning. God makes no mistakes when it comes to your path and the stumbling blocks that come with the road of perseverance you have to always know god put your dreams in your path to come either early in life or later. Pretty cool right? My Partner always tells me things about ways to be great and just let things take it course. I hate to say it sigh.. yes when it comes to things like this he is correct. Pretty awesome having a partner really truly there for you.

The challenges I have faced within my business has been a true unscripted raw image of how things can be when you want to give up and not do things anymore, but what I am explaining now to everyone is just the half of what I witness as an entrepreneur. I think it is important to share my story and thoughts on what happened to me, who knows this may help someone that is going through the same thing. I have had my share of having brands using my brand name and causing my brand to loose clients due to two pages I had to keep announcing daily to my clients that this was not an affiliate page. (2017-2019) which caused me to deal with legal fees for almost 2 years, this was a heavy dark sight for me to deal with and putting me on pause from my business, I had to witness the UGLY TRUTH of a copycat! with me having one of my trademark published wasn’t enough I had to quickly file another trademark to protect my brand to stop having others use my brand name,website domain,website, photos and more. I know my brand name is very popular “She Slay” when I decided on choosing my brand name I did extensive research. I had a feeling that with the trend of everyone wanting to have a business and have a similar name this was going to be one battle that will make or break me. honestly I had actually changed my name several times without letting anyone know because I was tired of the battle of reporting pages on fictitious brands, battles with Instagram and Facebook with them not complying. Did I think someone was behind this issue of making pages on purpose? sure it was too many pages popping up at once, the process of going through this caused me to stress out more and calling my brand attorney daily to get this resolved, I didn’t understand why someone was determine to keep going with some one else brand name and not think about the conflicts. fast forward 1 year later! I successfully won my trademark battle and all business had to ceased with the party that was using my brand name and business websites pertaining to “she slay” “she slay boutique” I want to highly suggest to all inspiring entrepreneur to please do your research when starting a business. from your business name, your website name and more, copyright and infringement can make or break you and I was feeling defeated when this process started, but I knew if I gave up my brand will not prosper, GOD kept me in the light and made things possible for me and my business to continue. Keeping faith at hard times is the best to show god you really believe in him and things can overturn if you pray and ask GOD to guide you to your correct path.

I want to end my blog post with sharing that to make sure no one else went through I went through I wrote an E-book on how to start you business the correct way! you want to make sure that your legal paper work is done before anything EX: business license, DBA, LLC, TRADEMARK. Before you think about stepping onto social media research, search google, business data base that is associated to your state and business regulations in your county or city before starting a brand without thinking to save you the headache! 🙂

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